Tuesday, 14 September 2010

5 Different New Ways To Communicate In Your Long Distance Relationship

Everyone understands the fact that cell phone rules when it comes to making your long distance relationship work, but there are some smart ways to communicate without calling. I’m not here to replace the phone, rather than give additional long distance relationship advice and add some fun approaches to say “hi” or “I miss you”.

1. Snail Mail- its so history that its genius. I adore receiving hand written letters in the mail. They create an extremely unique touch. Write brief quick letters. It is the best way to say “I’m thinking of you” as well as sure to put a smile on their faces. It’s like when your grandma and grandpa had LDR’s.

2. Gchat- Google Chat and Video Chat could possibly be the easiest way to really feel like your close to one another. I don’t use the video chat very often, due to the fact I’m awkward due to the fact I find myself just staring at how I look, but I still think its a great way to mix things up. Remember these aren’t displacing the cell phone; they are simply alternatives.

3. BBM- I think I can seriously give 50% of the credit of my LDR doing work out so nicely and keeping so good to BlackBerry Messenger. This blackberry app is really money. It is far less difficult than text messaging. It’s just a free flowing chat the whole day. You may also send voice files and pictures. It’s a great way to keep your long-distance love always on your mind.

4. Post Cards- They are really like the ace in the hole. So fast, so easy, and so nice to receive. You could only come up with three sentences, but receiving a post card makes a significant impression. I’ll always find a postcard whenever I travel or perhaps if I’m in a random truck stop and send it to Claire. It’s a amazing way to tell her that I’m consistently thinking of her.

5. Facebook Video- This really is actually undoubtedly one of my favorites. You are able to send a Facebook Video Message to your partner privately. It will sit on their inbox until they check their facebook page and then they click on it imagining it will be a text message and then BAM it’s a video. They are super easy to make and quicker to send than other available choices. Fantastic way to enjoy a chuckle too.

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