Tuesday, 14 September 2010

How to Make Your Bridal Session Perfect

Weddings are immortalized in photos hence; you should assure yourself that only the best of you will be taken shots especially if you are the bride.

Most people will agree with me that wedding days tops the most important and most awaited time of anyone’s life. It will be cherished by the couple for the years to come and this will be the book that will tell the story of that special day over and over again. For the brides, it is one special moment that she will be the center of everyone’s eye not only by her soon to be husband. This will be such a happy experience and at the same time stressful for her to maintain that class and poise all throughout the wedding shoots. Needless to say, wedding shoots is just the other day when brides should look stunning; the other important shoot is for her bridal portrait. It is equally important since this would be hang in the wall of the couple’s future abode and at some weddings, this is displayed at the reception place and guests are all excited to stare at the blushing bride’s portrait.

I have listed below some great tips to follow to have that beautiful bridal portrait.

1. Choose a perfect location. Make sure that the location shoot would flatter your beauty even more either if it’s indoor or outdoor. When you are comfortable with the place, it will be easier to get an upbeat mood to smile and act as a professional model. Discuss this with your photographer so you will know his suggestion shots for that particular location even if its in the stairs of a museum, garden or an open field.
2. Do a lot of hair and make-up trial. Your bridal shoot is the real thing so make sure that you look your best. Practice different looks with your hair and make-up artist and see what fits you-hair-up or down, what shades of make-up to wear. Just do not overdo, let your happiness and natural beauty glow.

3. Be a pro in posing- Weeks before the bridal shoot know your flattering and slimming pose, half and full smile. You may have some parts of your body you want to be prominent like your dimples and some parts that needs to hide. You will do so if you know what sides you look best. Try practicing in front of a whole-size mirror and list them so your photographer will have a better idea. It is expected that your photographer got some good advices and couple this with yours and you will surely have a stunning photo to hang your wall.
4. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and have a good rest the night before.
This will give that special glow in your skin and eyes for that perfect bridal shoot.
5. Stay away from Stress. Wedding preparations is indeed stressful with all the things you need to book and do but forget all of those in your bridal shoot so only the positive things will surface in your face. Relax and just enjoy the whole bridal shoot.
6. Book a professional wedding photographer. Make sure that you have only the best wedding photographer to capture all these beautiful shots in lens. It will be better if this is the same photographer you will have in your wedding day so this will also be a good practice of your rapport to him. You could also suggest that the bridal portraits would be different or the same style in the wedding shoot. World class wedding photographers would be able to give a beautiful twist in simple locations and pose so make sure you have one.

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